Rehabilitating and Resetting:

Hull Drive Bridge


York County Bridge No. 226 - Hull Drive Bridge

Exceptional design.  Extraordinary service.

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Built in 1896 by the Wrought Iron Bridge Company of Canton, Ohio, this two-span bridge crossing the Bermudian Creek is historically significant for York County. The Hull Drive bridge is two trusses back-to-back - a pony truss and a through-truss - that was once used as a crossing for horse and buggies. It has unique features that demonstrate not only its era but also the Wrought Iron Bridge Company's signature bridge designs. Some of these features include the "Beaded T" bars used in the lattice uprights and its pin connection assembly. 


​​​The bridge was closed in July 2017 after an overweight truck crossed the bridge, breaking one of the diagonal members, leaving it vulnerable for collapse. The two trusses were removed for repairs; portions of the bridge were disassembled for maintenance, while some members required complete replacement. The rehabilitated structure retains its historical accuracy despite some of the structural components being replaced to increase the load-carrying capacity and to enhance traffic safety. The trusses were reset into their original location in December 2019, and the bridge reopened to traffic on July 8, 2020, following paving.    

Cranes are used to lift the trusses back into place

How was it done?

To repair this bridge, crews lifted both trusses off their supports in the spring of 2019, so they could fix the cracks and paint the bridge more easily. After several months, the trusses were ready to be put back into place. Crews guided the placement of the trusses as several cranes lifted the trusses again onto their foundations. ​


Source: York Daily Record

Watch it in action

Follow the process the crews took to put the bridge back together with drone footage and a time-lapse video taken during the bridge reset.