We’re excited to announce that C.S. Davidson, Inc. has purchased the software program known as CS-Graphx (CSG) Permit Manager on January 3, 2017.  Since 2001, over 80 municipalities have built a strong relationship with the founder, Cork Shunk, and relied upon his software to track and manage their zoning, building, licensing and code enforcement information.  That’s a legacy we’re proud to stand behind.


“Same product, same service, same price.”


The exact words used by Cork when asked to describe our proposed plan for his program.  As succinctly stated, he will remain involved with the support and service of Permit Manager for many years to come.  He will also be intimately involved in the re-creation of his program into a modern web application to carry that precious Permit Manager data into the future.  If you’re an existing customer, everything is going to look and feel the same.


Just like Cork, we’re a firm steeped in municipal relationships, stability and responsiveness – having worked as a civil engineering firm in Central Pennsylvania since 1923. We’re also experienced computer programmers, having successfully launched CSDatum in 2014, a web based application that allows municipalities to map their sewer systems, comply with MS4 regulations, track road conditions and much more.  We’re committed to simple solutions and user-friendly software.


These are just some of the many reasons that this acquisition made sense and we’re excited about this new chapter for both parties.  If you’d like to hear more about our firm, CS-Graphx, or our combined plan for the future, we’d love to talk to you.