Ephrata Community Church

Connecting the Community 

To help the Ephrata Community Church, C.S. Davidson designed an addition onto their existing structure to allow them to continue to achieve their mission.

The Elements of the Project

C.S. Davidson's project was to design a two-story building addition that would be constructed next to the existing Ephrata Community Church.  This addition included a new auditorium, seating area, and multiple offices and classrooms.  To design this project, there were many elements of the building that we had to consider. 


To maintain a safe structure under certain conditions, the internal and external loading applied to the building had to be considered.  Internally, some of these types of loads included features in the auditorium, such as catwalks and speakers, and new rooms and seating areas throughout the addition.  Externally, these loads included wind loads applied to entry canopies and potential snow drifts applied to the roof.

As a result, the design of the building had to support the given loads.  For the design, the roof consisted of pre-engineered wood trusses and a pre-engineered metal building. The floor consisted of steel bar joists, wide flange girders, and steel columns.  In addition to the loading support, the building design included multiple two hour fire walls, thus increasing the safety of the church.


Structure Features 

Front view of the entire building
Panoram of the new auditorium
Entrance to the Church
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