PAVE: An Asset Management Tool

If you're a municipality - it probably feels like the gap between your income and expenses widens every day. And oftentimes, your roadway system is your largest expense - and biggest headache. Which road should you fix first? How much money should you spend? How should you track it all?
We understand these questions.

Many complex programs can be purchased, but most require a deep understanding of the software to use. These tools have their place - but for the busy Road Masters just trying to do their job? They don't have the time or money to invest in a fancy program.
That’s why we created PAVE.
It's free. It's built to work in Microsoft Excel. And it's easy to use.
1. Pick your municipality (in Pennsylvania) and start assessing.

2. Make recommendations for repair. Enter your projected budget for 5 years.

3. And then stick to the plan. It's that simple.

here to download your own version of PAVE.


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