Looking Back on the Past 90 Years

As we wrap up our 90th anniversary celebration this year, we are reminded of just how exciting the past 90 years have been. From our founder, Carl Schaeffer Davidson all the way through our current leadership, C.S. Davidson has had an enormous impact on the south-central Pennsylvania region.

During the process of displaying archive materials at the Martin Library in York throughout the month of August 2013, we were taken back to a time when things were much simpler. It was also a reminder of how things progress, and how we, as a firm, have progressed as well.

We have retained many of the clients our forefathers had secured, and do so with pride and enthusiasm all these years later. We pride ourselves on client relationships and exceptional services. A client obtained in 1926 didn’t have the wisdom and knowledge of our current technologies, but we, as an extension of those clients, have been able to take them on a journey as we continue to develop tools that benefit them and make their job easier and more efficient.

Our 90th anniversary has reminded us of all the developments the engineering world has seen since our beginning in 1923, and given us an opportunity to reflect on where we came from and how we’ve gotten here. And, in the end, we realized that the next 90 years can only be MORE exciting than the last!