Technology in Municipal Government

More and more, we find municipal budgets being cut and funding sources drying up. While you try to manage those limited funds, you scratch your head trying to figure out how to complete all the projects on your to-do list. The cost of inaction is extremely detrimental in the long run, but you may feel you have no other option.

There are very cost effective (even free) tools available to every municipality so you can get the most out of those limited resources, optimize sparse budgets and ultimately make cost effective decisions that your staff and community will stand behind.

Earlier this year C.S. Davidson released a free beta version of PAVE, a roadway management tool designed to empower municipal staff on inventorying, assessing, rating, scheduling repairs and long-term budgeting options. Since then, we’ve taken that concept to the next level with the integration of Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

In a world of constantly evolving technology, we have harnessed many of these resources and can bundle them into one tidy package that allow staff, elected officials, emergency personnel, and even the general public to access various types of data. We understand that municipal staff is being asked to do more with fewer resources, so why not make life easier and create a single point resource where various types of information can be stored? Roadway maintenance, storm sewer systems, land development plans, short-span bridge inspections, etc. - there are reasonable, low cost solutions for each of these topics.

C.S. Davidson would be pleased to perform a demonstration at your convenience in order to show you just how effective and cost efficient these technology resources are. For more information, please contact Jeffrey S. Shue, P.E., Director of Municipal Services, at (717) 846-4805 or

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